MAJA founded the Prêt à Porter brand MAJA WALESKA as a way to express her desire to
Always be following the sun and never planning to stop
while being on the go, compiling sun’s rays from the most gorgeous places of the world.
Her unique style and talent for delicate, as well as for daring colorations impart the line its luxurious CHIC look, that mesmerizes the entire globe.
MAJA WALESKA creations are designed exclusively in Dortmund, Germany and every piece is a unique appreciation of this gorgeous world of ours.


On the Official Site, MAJA shares her visual story, portraying newness in the brands collections, exclusive limited edition pieces, her luxury travel destinations & personal hotspots, as well as unpublished photo materials from her shoots and travels.


Being deeply in love with the Middle East & Asia, MAJA tries, despite her busy schedule, to escape to that part of the world at least once every year.